Instant Coffee Kona - Fresh from Hawaii

100% Instant Kona Coffee

- Granulated instant freeze dried coffee

- 100% USA Coffee

- Grown & Packed on the Hawaiian Islands

- World wide shipping.

- Fair Trade Coffee

- The world's most expensive coffee @ 25c/cup

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Fresh from Hawaii - Mulvadi - Hula Girl - Hawaiian Brew - Every day low prices. *N E W* Instant Kona Coffee Single Serve packets - coffee sticks.
Instant Kona Coffee Freeze Dried Granulated
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Instant Coffee Kona
Grown and Packed with Aloha
World Wide Shipping with USPS Priority Mail - APO/FPO
Last name: Instant Coffee
First name: 100% Instant Kona Coffee
Nick name: Granulated Freeze Dried Coffee
HEALTH AND QUALITY INFORMATION: Did you know that all imported raw coffee beans in the USA need to be fumigated in the country of origin for eight hours with methyl bromide, a carcinogenic chemical that may cause many illness and is bad for the environment? THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO USA GROWN KONA COFFEE! Kaffee Granulat, Oplos Koffie, Cafe Soluble Hawaiano. Compare and Taste the difference with: Maxwell House, Folgers Classic roast, Jacobs Cronat, Julius Meinl, Douwe Egberts, Tchibo Sana, Nescafe Tasters, Nestle classic gold, Kaffee Hag, Yuban, Starbucks Via™ microground - micro grind. DRINK 100% USA GROWN Coffee and help to fix the trade deficit, the root of all economic evel. It is no secret that instant coffee from pre-roasted imported coffee beans have lost most of their aroma and flavor. Need to save on your daily office coffee take outs? Still want it instantly, hot and... quality improvement at a lower price? ** CHECK OUT OUR INSTANT COFFEE SALE at the links above!**